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Pe Cash stands out for 2 reasons. They have the widest product selection anywhere, with nearly 50 000 products. Secondly, they by far have the highest commission at 35%. The products are also surprisingly well priced. 

They've been distributing adult products for 40 years, and with the leverage of this buying power they can get the products for cheaper than competitors. This enables them to have attractive prices and solid commissions.

There are multiple linking options including product, category, & adult star linking. Promote different niches to optimize conversions. Send traffic to either a general adult store, or all male, fetish, hetero, interracial, transexual & more.

The option to brand or fully customize your own store is also available. The banner selection is also impressive, there's all types of banners for different niches, and even then you can choose from softcore or hardcore.

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